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The activity referred to as the Faro Initiatives is the first step towards the establishment of a Faro Community.  The procedure to be followed is as follows:

  1. The project initiator posts the project he or she wishes to be associated with the Faro principles online using the form;
  2. The projects are referenced and geo-located on the HEREIN system and hence recognised in practice to be Faro Initiatives;
  3. An initial network is set up by all the projects that have been accepted.  The participants’ attention is drawn to the diversity of the Faro Initiatives and they are invited to keep track of the implementation of the Faro Action Plan;
  4. Some particularly interesting projects may undergo a “Faro Appreciation” and this may provide access to a second level of membership of the Faro Community through the award of a “distinction” (activity still at the preparatory stage).

The online questionnaire is intended to enable local authorities, NGOs, associations and citizens to report on projects, activities and initiatives which they are currently running, have planned or have completed and which draw on the principles enshrined in the Faro Convention.