Historical gardens

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Following the participative survey to the HEREIN network on garden policy launched in 2015, a first meeting of interested countries agreed on the need to build a network of administrations responsible for garden policies in Europe. This has led to create the "HEREIN in garden" network whose objectives are:
    1. Contributing to the building of a voluntary countries network;
    2. Promoting the exchange of information and know-how;
    3. Promoting international and national activities on gardens;
    4. Raising awareness of different audiences.

To achieve it, it aims in particular to provide information on:
At international level: actors; legislation
At national level: authorities responsible and other actors; national legislation; avalaible documentation; awareness actions; protection measures; existing training.


Europe of Gardens "event (2-3 June 2018)
As part of the European Year of Heritage in 2018 and inspired by the 14 French editions of "Rendez-vous aux Jardins", a joint event will take place in various European countries, with Germany, Hungary, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Slovenia and France having already confirmed their participation.     More details

The Erasmus + Project "Sharing knowledge and know-how on the management of historic gardens" is accepted
Its objective is to acquire new knowledge and know-how on the management of historic gardens between European countries. Participants will be able to exchange skills and knowledge, observe and acquire knowledge, know-how, techniques and practices that do not exist or no longer exist, train or train European partners, and pass on to owners and managers of historic gardens technical skills in the management and hosting of the public. The design of a multilingual garden thesaurus is also planned. The project is initially limited to one year and 4 countries (Belgium, Spain, France and Hungary).