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The national reports are information compendiums on national cultural heritage policies/strategies of 44 Council of Europe’s Member States participating to HEREIN. They give a rich overview on legislations, policies and practices related to the heritage in Europe, enabling the follow-up of the different CoE’s Conventions related to heritage, arising reflections on the topic and facilitating the exchange of good practices at European level.

The latter are structured on 7 chapters which are (i) organisations, (ii) knowledge and protection, (iii) conservation and management, (iv) finances, (v) access and interpretation, (vi) digitalization and (vii) legislation. Each thematic counts on a summary section which gives the opportunity to provide a brief overview on every issue. Every Member State taking part to HEREIN is asked to provide its national report. Therefore, the national coordinators are responsible for publishing these reports fulfilling in English or French the online questionnaire and ensuring its regular update.


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