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Strategy XXI

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Strategy XXI

At their 6th Council of Europe Conference (Namur, 23-24 April 2015), the Ministers responsible for Cultural Heritage adopted the Namur Declaration which advocates a Cultural Heritage Strategy in Europe for the 21Ith century. This Strategy has now been drafted by the Steering Committee for Culture, Heritage and Landscape (CDCPP) and will shortly be submitted to the Committee of Ministers for adoption.

It aims to re-define the place and role of cultural heritage in Europe with a view to furthering good governance and participation in identifying and managing heritage.

The Strategy is built around three components:

  1. “The social component which aims to make heritage a means of promoting diversity, offer greater autonomy to heritage communities and implementing participative governance;
  2. “The “territorial and economic development component” which aims at reinforcing the contribution of heritage to economic and territorial development based on local resources, tourism and employment, and
  3. The “knowledge and education component”  which promotes lifelong education and training for and with heritage through the creation of heritage knowledge centres and education, training and research programmes.

For each of these components, operational and measurable challenges (Level I), recommendations (level II) and courses of action (level III) are outlined. In order to facilitate the implementation of recommendations, they are completed by examples of action already carried out in certain states.

The examples and good practices collection, initiated previously through HEREIN, will now continue. Thus, members of the CDCPP, the HEREIN network and the EHHF are invited to continue providing concrete examples of actions and good practices throwing light on the different components of the Strategy (social, economic and territorial development, knowledge and education), replying to the questionnaire below as many times as they want to give all their concrete examples. These contributions will be registered in the HEREIN database and added to the Annex B of the Strategy in ways to be defined.

The draft text of the Strategy can be consulted here.


  1. Contributions submitted in English (updated on 26/08/2016)
  2. Contributions submitted in French (updated on 26/08/2016)



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