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In June 2015, following the objectives adopted during the 10th Annual Meeting of the HEREIN National Coordinators (Mons, November 2014), the Secretariat of the Council of Europe launched a new activity: the HEREIN national and regional workshops (consult the Terms of Reference here).

These workshops are addressed to all the HEREIN National Coordinators in order to assist them in the use of HEREIN, increase national visibility and promote cooperation and exchange of good practices within the network.

Two formats are proposed:

  • National format to respond to the concrete needs of the Applicant State. These workshops are conceived with a view to raise awareness of heritage actors on HEREIN potential and therefore, reinforce national participation. For this purpose, two national coordinators are invited to accompany the Secretariat in order to introduce their experiences within the network.
  • Regional format, bringing several national Coordinators together, in order to facilitate the sharing of experiences and improve HEREIN capacities and instruments

Furthermore, the Secretariat gives the possibility of hosting technical workshops to the National Coordinators in order to assist them in the server’s use.

During the second semester of 2015, a first experimental set of workshops has been organised and enabled to highlight the advantages and limits of this kind of activities, providing some guidelines to the Secretariat in order to better adapt HEREIN to the needs and expectations of the Member States

Every workshop has been subject of a report, including a general presentation, working documents and conclusions on the in the field.

September 2015

Republic of Moldova

Technical workshop


October 2015


National workshop

November 2015


Regional workshop

December 2015



National workshop


December 2015



Flanders (Belgium)



Regional workshop